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Hi or Hey Records

We are very excited to launch our own record label ‘Hi Or Hey Records’.

We have created this label for you guys. We have achieved so much together over the last two years and if it were not for you, we don’t know where we would be.

As we get ready to release our debut album, we want to make sure that nothing changes and we keep working together to make all of our dreams become reality. We hear amazing stories from our fans every day of how you spread the 5SOS word. From our friends in the Philippines who have campaigned to get our songs on the radio for the last 12 months, to our the amazing girls in France who postered all around Paris, we are blown away by your support. We love watching you all come together around the world for your 5SOS meet-ups.

So we have decided to create a record label and we want you guys to be a part of it. We will be releasing all of our music through “Hi Or Hey Records” in partnership with Capitol Records. And eventually we want to sign our own bands and release them on the label.

"Hi Or Hey Records" means we can stay in control of our career. Things have gone pretty well with you and us running the show so we want to keep it that way.

We are building a website for the label where you will get to have your say in everything we are up to as well as show us all the incredible things you have been doing to spread the 5SOS word.

Keep checking which will be launching very soon.

Cal, Mikey, Ash and Luke!