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5 Seconds of Summer Live

Hey guys !

So we’ve heard that there’s been a heap of you that have bought tickets to our shows from unofficial retailers and scalpers. Scalpers suck and we want as many of you to come to our shows as possible…. The last thing we want is for you to get scammed and sold fake tickets so if you’re having any problems or think something’s suss, email the guys at and they’ll try to help out (:

Ash, Cal, Mikey & Luke xx

- Don’t use this email address or reply to it to buy tickets as you won’t receive a response.
- If you did not purchase your tickets from the venue or the venue’s official ticketing partner (e.g., Ticketmaster, Live Nation) and are worried your tickets may not be valid, please email copies of them to the email address…
- Please note that you will not be permitted in the venue with counterfeit tickets even if you are unaware that your tickets are counterfeit or did not intend to purchase or use counterfeit tickets.